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Taiva is China's largest pathology instrument manufacturer who can independently supply a full range of high-end pathological instruments and consumables. Taiva is always on the back of pathological science and strengthening supply capacity, promoting the development of pathological technology. Stuff members in Taiva never forget  pursuance excellence and continuous innovation.

Product line covers both equipments and service before pathological diagnosis, Including pathology instrument like intelligent dehydrator, embedding station, slicing machine, fast freezing microtome, rapid tissue processor, constant temperature booth machine, constant temperature baking machine, dyeing machine, tissue collecting platform, Specimen freezer, wax block cabinet, pathological picture and text system. Pathological consumables like environmental transparent agent, sample fixative solution, tissue embedding box, disposal knife, slide glass, paraffin, TCT, LCT.

 Taiva advocates the concept of “ to be know-how expert before  pathological diagnosis” and “ to be more intelligent, safer and environment-friendly” .


  • Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor

    Fully Enclos...

  • Cold plate

    Cold plate

  • TX-1 Paraffin Trimmer

    TX-1 Paraffi...

  • LCT


  • TCT


  • L-TCT


  • Automatic Stainer

    Automatic St...

  • Paraffin Embedding Station

    Paraffin Emb...